Gosselin Pal: Jon is Innocent

jon gosselin defends himself against cheating rumors

Days after Jon Gosselin of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" was accused of having an affair, friends of the reality TV star insist Jon's interaction with another woman was purely platonic.

Dustin Sands, a longtime family friend, tells People magazine that Jon didn't cheat -- and that the father of eight deserves a night out every once and awhile. "The guy just needs to be cut some slack once in while when he wants to relax a bit," said Sands.

At the same time, Sands admitted that the accusations of an affair have put a strain on the Gosselin marriage, but he believes Jon and Kate will overcome this obstacle. "They have their disagreements but he's a family-oriented guy. I don't think he'd put that on the line."

Pat Fagan, a bouncer at the club where Jon went out with his alleged mistress, came to Gosselin's defense when he heard about the allegations against him. "They seemed like casual friends," Fagan said of his interaction with the other woman. "There was no romantic anything. They weren't gazing into each other eyes." Fagan also nixes accusations that Jon ditched his wedding ring for a night on the town. "He always has his wedding band on. He talks about his kids all the time. He loves his family."

Earlier this week, Jon confessed to "Extra" that he showed "poor judgment" by going out with the other woman, but maintains they're friends -- and insists he won't drop friendships just because his family is featured on TV.