Billy Bob's Unusual Performance

He won an Oscar for "Sling Blade," but don't mention Billy Bob Thornton's acting resume during an interview about his music.

Billy Bob and his band The Boxmasters stopped by CBC radio for an interview with host Jian Ghomeshi. The actor/director/screenwriter was puzzled by Ghomeshi's simple questions and provided strange answers.

When Ghomeshi asked the Oscar-winner about when The Boxmasters formed, Billy Bob acted like Ghomeshi was talking to him in another language. He answered, "I don't know what you're talking about."

About halfway through the almost 14-minute interview, Thornton made it clear he was unhappy with how Ghomeshi introduced Billy Bob and The Boxmasters. Thornton was introduced as an "Oscar-winning screenwriter, actor and director."

"You were instructed not to talk about s**t like that," the 55-year-old said. Ghomeshi said he was just giving context.

Ghomeshi tells "Extra," "I think he was being uncooperative."

Billy Bob's rep tells "Extra" he was not pulling a "Joaquin Phoenix."