'Extra' Lifechanger on the Richardson Injury


Condolences continue to pour in for Natasha Richardson's loved ones. Meanwhile, new reports are shedding light on the freak skiing accident that took her life.

Several reports now say that the time between the accident and Richardson's arrival at the hospital was nearly four hours -- longer than had been originally reported.

"Extra" Lifechanger and neurosurgeon Dr. Neil Martin explains that if Richardson had been treated earlier for her injury, the accident might have ended differently. "Had she been evaluated by a doctor -- and gotten a CT scan -- it's possible that something might have been found that could have been corrected."

The doc also listed the telltale signs of a potentially life-threatening head injury. "Disorientation... you don't know what day of the month it is... what week it is... or where you are... completely disorganized speech," Neil said, adding, "a headache that's getting worse and worse and worse... or severe nausea and vomiting -- repetitive vomiting."

Plans for Natasha's memorial services are currently underway at the Greenwich Village Funeral Home. There is no word yet when the service will take place.

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