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Downey Wants Rourke for 'Iron Man 2'

"Extra" caught up with Robert Downey Jr. at the annual Oscar Nominees Luncheon, where the "Tropic Thunder" star revealed he wants fellow nom Mickey Rourke to join him in "Iron Man 2"!

"I know that we've been talking about it a bunch," Robert spilled to "Extra" about Rourke's rumored role. "As long as we can make it a really great role, then I would urge him to continue considering it. We'd love to have him and we'll see how it goes." Rourke is nominated for Best Actor for "The Wrestler," while Downey is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for "Tropic Thunder."

Rumors are also swirling that a "Tropic Thunder" spin-off will be made, based on Tom Cruise's over-the-top character in the comedy flick. Downey dishes that he welcomes the idea, but with some apprehension. "I'm all for it, but here's the thing... we managed to make that movie much more entertaining than it was offensive. And so to then continue that ridiculousness, I have a feeling we'd probably still make some money, but it probably still wouldn't be as good."

The 81st Academy Awards air Sunday, February 22 on ABC.