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Are You Working Out to Death?

It's the dangerous obsession that may have ruined Madonna's marriage. If you've seen Madge lately, you know she's gotten shockingly thin. Some have said she has a workout obsession... that lead to a sex life depression, with rumors Guy Ritchie didn't have sex with Madonna for 18 months -- because she was too obsessed with working out.

The obsession with working out is the subject of a new film in the Showtime Latino Filmmaker Showcase movie from director Dago Rodriguez called "Dysmorphia," the story of a man who succumbs to Body Dysmorphic Disorder after breaking up with his girlfriend.

Bravo fitness queen Jackie Warner says the syndrome is becoming more common and explains, "You do lose sex drive," adding, "You become fatigued so you're going to get a little grumpier, too. That can mess up a marriage pretty good." Jackie says in the case of people like Madonna, commitment to fitness can quickly turn addictive. "Clearly, Madonna is ripped, so she's very, very lean and she's very vascular," she says. "What that means is the veins are showing through the skin."

Jackie's recommendation? Simple but true -- everything in moderation. Don't exceed an hour and a half at the gym, "and that's about three to five times a week," says Jackie.