Crowe: Drinking Different As Dad

Russell Crowe dished to "Extra" about packing on the pounds for his new role in "Body of Lies" -- and how becoming a dad has changed his outlook on life.

"The drinking thing has sort of taken a different place in my life since I had kids," Crowe admits. "There are a whole lot of things I don't do anymore because it affects my level of patience." The father of two added, "I don't want to be in that place where I'm exasperated with these beautiful children."

Crowe gained 63 lbs. for his role in the upcoming thriller "Body of Lies" -- and the Aussie star took the most direct route to pack on the weight. "I'll have the cheeseburger for breakfast, thank you," he joked to "Extra."

Russell is also rumored to be starring alongside Robert Downey Jr. in Guy Ritchie's mystery film, "Sherlock Holmes" -- and the "Gladiator" confesses he wants to work with Madonna's man! "I'm really interested in working with Guy Ritchie," says Crowe. "I think he's a stylish film maker." He's interested, but Jude Law has apparently nabbed the role.

The actor also set the record straight on rumors he helped his rapper pal Snoop Dogg land an Australian visa, saying, "Yeah I did -- all my experiences with him, he's always been a cool guy."