Kate Hudson on the Opposite Sex


Actress Kate Hudson, one of the blondes of the moment, appeared at the red carpet premiere of her new romantic comedy "My Best Friend's Girl." Believe it or not, even after her recent romance with Lance Armstrong, Kate claims she rarely dates, saying, "I don't get asked on many dates."

Kate told "Extra's" Tanika Ray about one of her worst dating experiences, "This man was really sweet, just really boring. It was one of those moments where I was like, 'Look, I'm just gonna save you or me the bill.'" The date didn't even get past appetizers. But cutting a date short definitely beats rushing into a relationship. A suitor once asked the actress, "So are you coming home with me or what?" To which she responded, "Or what?"

Hudson also discussed co-star Dane Cook's character in the film, after Tanika commented that Dane was "brilliant at playing a jerk." Kate clarified, "Ass is a better word." Dane told Tanika what it was like necking with Kate, " ... fresh breath. I appreciate it. Some of my prior actresses would eat a hoagie of some sort ..."

Hudson and Cook star with Jason Biggs in "My Best Friend's Girl," a perfect date, starting this Friday.