Couric's Courage


CBS anchor Katie Couric is excited to participate in tomorrow's unprecedented "Stand Up to Cancer" telethon -- and she's sharing with "Extra" why the cause is so close to her heart.

Couric bravely details the loss of husband Jay Monahan to colon cancer. "For nine months when Jay was sick, I felt like my heart was in a vice every single day," said Katie. "Nothing really prepares you for a life-shattering diagnosis like that."

Katie also lost her sister, Virginia Senator Emily Couric, to pancreatic cancer three years after Jay's death. The compounded losses inspired her to get involved with raising awareness and funds for cancer research. "I'm not Mother Theresa or anything. I don't want to sound like that, but I tried to set a good example of taking a tragic situation and at least trying to help others."

Watch Katie continue her fight, when "Stand Up to Cancer" premieres tomorrow night on CBS, NBC and ABC.