Christina Applegate is Cancer-Free!


Christina Applegate is free of cancer! The "Samantha Who?" actress, diagnosed just a month ago, told "Good Morning America's" Robin Roberts the good news.

"I'm clear," she declared. "Absolutely 100 percent clear and clean...They got everything out so I'm definitely not going to die from breast cancer."

Christina, 36, said her cancer was found through an MRI test as a follow-up from a biopsy she had last year. The actress began getting mammograms once she turned 30 -- and admits when she first heard the news, it was a shock.

"I was so mad and I -- I just remember I was -- I was just shaking," she said.

The full interview airs Tuesday at 7 a.m. Christina will appear at the "Stand Up to Cancer" telethon on September 5 in support of her mom, Nancy, a breast cancer survivor.