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Get That Summer Love Glow -- In Minutes!

Don't fall victim to the biggest makeup faux pas of them all -- by wearing too much makeup this summer! You only need four (yes, four!) products to get a gorgeous glow like Kate Hudson or Scarlett Johansson, courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics.

Start with a tinted moisturizer, which helps even out the skin. Then get a pop of color on the cheeks with a colorful, sheer gel that's easy to blend. If you want, dab it on the lips! It lasts and it's kissproof. Pucker up!

Next, get that brow wow with a neutral pencil. Brush it through upward for a soft, natural brow! Finally, use an oversized mascara brush to avoid clumps.

Speaking of summer love... give it your best shot with Benefit & Sephora. On August 6, the Benefit "posie gal" contest kicks off with a dream date prize for the gal who shares the most blush-worthy dating experience. Kiss (or diss) and tell! Go to for details, and you could be on your way to Hawaii!