Oprah 'A More Conscious Eater'


Talk show host and perennial dieter Oprah Winfrey recently finished a 21-day cleanse, consisting of only vegan foods -- and the talk show queen is not looking back!

"I want some wine... almost broke down and had a glass," Winfrey blogged this weekend, as reported by Us Weekly, "I didn't -- tomorrow is another day. That's my mantra now." The vegan detox is meant to cleanse your mind as well as your body. "I will forever be a more cautious and conscious eater -- that's my commitment for now, to stay awakened," writes O.

Her detox -- inspired by Kathy Freston's book, "Quantum Wellness," began in May. Kathy opened up to "Extra" about Oprah's diet changes, saying, "During those 21 days, you let your body go on vacation."