Swayze's Comeback


While Patrick Swayze bravely battles pancreatic cancer, the "Dirty Dancing" star is hoping to make a TV comeback with his new FBI-based drama, "The Beast," reports NY Daily News.

"He's doing well," said the actor's publicist, Annette Wolf, "we're waiting to hear about the pilot."

Swayze, who has been undergoing treatment at Stanford University Medical Center, hopes his pilot episode will get the go-ahead from A&E.

"He completed a phenomenal pilot in December, and it remains in strong contention to become a series," said A&E spokesperson Michael Feeney, "It's one of several pilots we have in development to become a series on A&E, but the network has not made a decision yet."

Production for the series would start in the summer or early fall if the project gets picked up, sources said.