Samantha and the 'City'

She put the steamy sex in "Sex and the City" -- and now "Extra" is talking sex, fashion and shoe envy with one of the stars of the hotly anticipated movie, Kim Cattrall! The "City" women are known for their fabulous high fashion on the hit HBO series, and the movie will deliver more of the same! "Oh the fashion, it's my guilty pleasure," says Kim, "a glamorous explosion on screen for all the characters!"

Cattrall thinks that fans will erupt after the four-year wait for the "SATC" movie, saying, "It's all perfect." Perfect is also the word to describe the Kim's real-life romance with chef boyfriend, Alan Wyse, who is 23 years her junior -- proving that she's not unlike her sultry on-screen persona in her choice of younger men!

"Extra" also quizzes Kim on her most notorious "Sex" moments: Is she able to keep up with our questions? Tune in today to find out -- and see Samantha get back to her sultry tricks when "Sex and the City" heats up theatres May 30th.