Barbara's 'View' Secrets Revealed


Feuds, conspiracies -- and frantic phone calls! Barbara Walters is in Oprah's hot seat tomorrow promoting her new tell-all memoir, "Audition," where Barbara opens up about her former "View" co-stars, from the ferocious on-air fight that ended Rosie's reign to Star's secret surgery!

"Star decided to have a gastric bypass operation," reveals Walters, "but then she decided not to tell anybody." Why did the ladies on "View" keep the secret of Jones going under the knife? "She was our colleague and she did not want us to out her," says Barbara.

This morning on "Today," Rosie talked about her explosive fight with Elisabeth Hasselbeck that made the pages of the Walters' book -- and insists that she remains friends with the TV legend Walters.

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