Chesney's Foot Feat

"Extra" is speaking exclusively with country crooner Kenny Chesney as he discusses his painful onstage mishap in South Carolina last week during a performance on his "Poets and Pirates" tour. As to the cause of the accident, Kenny says, "I had my foot over the side of the elevator. As it was coming up, the elevator sort of went flush with my foot in the middle and no one could do anything." He adds, "It took them awhile to get to me. It's a pretty vulnerable position to be in."

Chesney spent 30 excruciating seconds down on the stage, struggling with the pain in his foot, and admits that time felt like an eternity. Although he states, "I was literally in shock for two or three songs," the singer did not let the injury prevent him from finishing his show. "I knew those people [in the audience] had been out there all day," says Chesney, "pure adrenaline is what got me through the show."

Doctors have given Kenny the green light to continue his tour, which you can catch -- bruised foot and all -- through September!