Hillary and Elton: That's What Friends Are For

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton took a break from her cross-country campaigning for a million-dollar night with Elton John, where the Rocket Man helped raise $2.5 million for her campaign. Clinton opens up to "Extra" about Elton's endorsement, saying, "It feels wonderful." When asked if she had a favorite Elton song, she told "Extra's" AJ Calloway, "I've got a bunch of them... there's a song that's an omen for the Pennsylvania primary... 'Philadelphia Freedom.'"

The battle for the White House isn't the only one Hillary is tackling -- she recently rolled out a breast cancer initiative on "Ellen," saying, "I've had so many friends who've survived breast cancer... and I've got an agenda that I think will really put us ahead of the battle against breast cancer."

She also responded with humor to reports of her family tree linking her as a distant cousin of Angelina Jolie, asking, "Don't you see the resemblance?"