Heath's Family Fighting Over Money?

Heath Ledger's family members are fighting mad over how to handle his money, People is reporting. The late actor's uncles are worried that Heath's father won't manage the assets well. "Our only vested interest is to assure that Matilda is well looked after," Heath's uncle Mike told the magazine. "When you are talking about large sums of money like this, it should be an independent executor, but Kim hasn't chosen that way."

Heath died in January of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. His will, written before he met Michelle Williams and had little Matilda, bequeathed everything to his parents and sisters. The feud stems from an incident 15 years ago, when Kim became executor of his family's estate. He reportedly mishandled the money and "placed the assets at risk," according to family members who filed court papers asking that Kim be removed as executor, and reports have said that Kim was eventually removed.

The financial bickering is said to have put the entire family at odds -- and uncle Mike says some family members weren't allowed to attend Heath's funeral. "I'm his godfather," Mike said. "We didn't even have the ability or the opportunity to pay our last respects to Heath. And I tell you, that is terrible -- that is so sad."

A friend of the Ledger family, Robert John Collins, calls the allegations against Kim "rubbish."