Hillary Gets Laughs on 'The Daily Show'

After a surprise visit to "SNL" this weekend, Hillary Clinton again made the comedy rounds -- this time with Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show." The presidential hopeful cracked jokes with Jon via satellite on the eve of Tuesday’s crucial primaries.

"Tomorrow is perhaps one of the most important days of your life and you’ve chosen to spend the night talking to me," Jon joked. "Senator, as a host I’m delighted. As a citizen, I’m frightened." With a laugh, Clinton responded, "It’s pretty pathetic."

Clinton then got serious, telling Jon she's not worried about Obama's recent victories, despite Bill Clinton’s statement that Hillary must win the Texas primary. "But I think what we're going to find out tomorrow is we're still in a very close contest in terms of the popular vote and the number of delegates. My husband didn't wrap up the nomination until June."

Still, Hillary’s got a lot of star support. Eva Longoria-Parker is supporting Hillary’s campaign in Texas, and now "Extra’s" releasing its own secret Super Tuesday weapon into Las Vegas’s Planet Hollywood Hotel -- funnylady Roseanne Barr!

Rosanne was at Sin City’s "Extra" lounge asking people to cast their presidential vote, where she told one bystander, "Vote for Hillary! I’ll bet in your whole life you never did anything for any woman." The stunned voter said, "Well, my wife would say I had, I think." Roseanne shrugged, "You’re not supposed to ask people who you’re voting for but what the hell, I have no class."