Celebs Get Starstruck at Oscar Luncheon

Talk about a power lunch!

The Oscar Class of 2008 gathered for a star-studded afternoon at the Beverly Hilton yesterday for the Academy's annual Nominee's Luncheon, where A-listers like George Clooney, Javier Bardem, Amy Ryan and Marion Cotillard chatted in anticipation of Hollywood's biggest night.

An overwhelmed Ellen Page, nominated for "Juno," still couldn't believe she had a seat at the table with Hollywood's best and brightest.

"It's pretty darn surreal," she told "Extra." "Hard to wrap your head around for sure!"

Casey Affleck, a Best Supporting Actor nominee for "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford," is still wrapping his head around his football team's Super Bowl loss, calling the Patriots' defeat "a fluke."

"I was heartbroken," he admitted.

Best Actress nominee Laura Linney admitted she was starstruck at the luncheon - not by her fellow actors, but by a costume designer!

"Probably Albert Wolski, who many people don't know is a very famous costume designer," she explained. But what about George Clooney?

"Who cares," she joked. "Can he sew?"

Best Director nominee Jason Reitman brought his famous director father Ivan, just as his low-budget sleeper hit "Juno" crossed the $100 million mark.

"It won't sink in until a few years and a few bad movies from now," he joked. "Then I'll be like, 'Wow, I had it really good!'"

The Academy Awards air Feb. 24 on ABC.