Hillary Clinton Reveals Her Biggest Influence

Forget Superbowl Sunday - it's time for Super Tuesday!

The Democratic candidates are pulling out all the stops for America's biggest night.

Hillary Clinton made a stop at San Diego State University touting "Voices Across America," a viewer-interactive town hall meeting airing tonight on The Hallmark Channel.

"This election is so important for all of us and I want everyone to be as involved as possible," she told "Extra."

And now we're uncovering what you don't know about the former First Lady! Who's her biggest influence?

"Probably Nelson Mandela," she said. "He's taught me about the power of forgiveness when he invited three of his former jailers to his inauguration."

And while famous friends from Steven Spielberg to Leonardo DiCaprio watch her political moves, it's the everyday person that moves Hillary.

"The mom who works full time, takes care of her child with a disability," sh explained. "The husband who's taking care of his wife with Parkinson's for 29 years."

But if Hollywood should come calling, who does the Senator see playing her on the big screen?

"I hope we’re nowhere near to making a movie because I still have a lot to do in my life!" she said.

Meanwhile, as Senator Barack Obama made the rounds in Delaware, in Los Angeles the Obama rally was on fire with a little help from Oprah Winfrey.

"Barack Obama has the gift of wisdom," she told the crowd at the UCLA campus. California's First Lady Maria Shriver made a surprise appearance in support of Obama, explaining, "He's about the power of us and what we can do when we come together."

Maria came together with Caroline Kennedy and Stevie Wonder as Oprah expressed her amazement to the Democrats.

"The two front-runners: a black man and a woman!" she said.