Miley Cyrus' Food Confession: 'I Drink Ketchup'

From her hit Disney show to her sold-out cross country tour to the new 3D movie, "Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert," Miley Cyrus has quickly become the hottest star in Hollywood.

But when "Extra" sat down with the 15-year-old sensation during a tour break, we found out she's just a typical teen growing up and trying out new trends - like dyeing her hair!

"My dad says it's link punk-goth," she said. "I'm like, 'OK, dad, it's dark brown! Geez!"

Yes, even though Miley has millions of fans, she still has to listen to dad Billy Ray Cyrus and mom Tish. She even has a curfew, "especially on the road," Miley said. "And if I'm going to do a sleepover with one of my dancers, like, we definitely have to go to sleep. So on the road, they're definitely more strict, so I'm kind of excited to come home!"

As for any romance, "No, not right now," she admitted. "There's like, no time. But that's another reason I'm excited to back to L.A., so we'll see!"

Miley says her parents, who are with her on the road, help her keep her feet on the ground as her career takes off.

"My mom's really made sure I'm always feeling right and ready," she said.

And nothing makes Miley feel right and ready more than the one thing she can't live without: ketchup.

"This is gross, but I'm addicted to ketchup," she confessed. "I will drink ketchup. I love ketchup. It's my favorite thing in the world!"

And with kids across the country crazy for all things "Hannah Montana," it looks like Miley can afford that ketchup addiction for many years to come.

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