Marie Osmond: ‘Divorce Isn’t the Solution for an Unhappy Marriage’

Marie Osmond is opening up to “Extra” like never before, going on the record about rumors that she’s set for an all-new talk show and explaining her painful divorce.

Her oldest son, Steve, sat down with the “Dancing with the Stars” beauty to discuss in depth how her 20-year marriage to husband Brian Blosil came to an end.

“I don’t believe divorce is the solution for an unhappy marriage,” Marie told Steve about their decision to split, “but I do think sometimes it's the answer when you ask questions like, ‘Am I being the best person I can be?’…and in those situations, I think it’s the right choice.”

Said Steve, “She is a happier mother, and you’re an astonishing woman.”

"Extra" was with Marie, Steve and his brothers and sisters on their tour in support of Marie's new Christmas CD.

As for those rumors that she’s about to get her own talk show, Marie says she's taking her time.

“There's some television offers. There's some things with your uncle in Vegas. Some Broadway offers. There's a bunch of things,” Marie explained. “[But] I thought I’d take a little breath for five seconds.”