Jack Nicholson Wants 'One Last Big Romance'

Film legend Jack Nicholson turned 70 this year and is looking back on his life in the new film, "The Bucket List."

So what would be on the icon's list of the last things to do?

"One last big romance," Jack confessed to "Extra" at the premiere of the film.

The film, which co-stars Morgan Freeman, has the characters re-examining life after a health scare and completing all the dreams they never accomplished.

"I think we got lucky. We didn't plan it but it's a feel good movie," he said. "And most of what's out is not...But I think we're in a good spot."

As for working with Rob Reiner again, who directed Jack's infamous performance in "A Few Good Men," Jack said, "Man, {Reiner} made me a Marine. What can I say?!...All the best to the Marines and everybody else."

In regards to his Christmas plans, Jack told "Extra," "I don't tell. Same as always though. I have a good time."