Robin Roberts on Losing Hair: ‘It was Devastating and Draining’

Brave “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts is talking publicly about her battle with breast cancer, revealing that the disease has taken her hair – but not her spirit.

“Three days after hosting a round table of cancer survivors on ‘GMA’ and 17 days from when I started chemotherapy, my hair began to start falling out, simply by touching it,” she tells “Good Morning America.” “Emotionally, it was devastating and draining. And as so many who have traveled this path before me had encouraged, as hard as it was, I knew what I had to do. I shaved it all off.”

Now Robin wears a wig, something she’ll do as she continues to host the show. Off-air, however, Robin will take it off.

“If I were in another line of work I might go without a wig all together,” she says. “But because this is what I do, I want to give you my best work and give you the story, not distract you from it.”

She adds, “Hair often helps define a sense of self, a sense of identity, so much so it can even interfere with treatment as some women who have battled cancer shared with me.”

Robin was first diagnosed with cancer in late July, and just weeks later she underwent her first surgery.

“This is new territory for me,” Robin told “Extra” at the time. “I’m hoping to face it as I have other challenges and obstacles in my life.”

In October, she said her prognosis was “quite good.”