Heather Mills: 'Stella is a Major Reason My Marriage Ended'

Heather Mills is giving “Extra” a candid view into her life, from her divorce from Paul McCartney and the current state of their relationship, her need for vindication from tabloid lies, Stella McCartney, dating, death threats and thoughts of suicide.

Mills spoke openly about Paul’s daughter, Stella, being one of the major reasons their marriage ended. She revealed, “Every single week Stella tried to break up our marriage. She was so jealous.” Mills claimed that a friend of Stella’s told her the reason Stella was upset about her marriage to Paul was because Mills would “get all the planes and the diamonds.” Mills declared, “Stella wasn’t interested in her dad’s happiness. I can’t protect her any longer… she’s done some evil, evil things… we found out she scraped my face out a photo when they were in psychiatric session together.” Mills is certain that, “the McCartney family is untouchable.”

Mills claimed to have evidence stored in a safe and that the “stuff in the safe…I’m protecting that party because I care about that party. It’s a very difficult thing. But, if it’s going to carry on then I’m going to have to tell all the truth.”

As for her divorce from Paul, she exclaimed, “It’s been really, really stressful. The police said there’s this underground movement… serious threats to your life. I’m always looking over my shoulder… but because of my daughter we speak often…we are very civil to each other.” She continued, “When I left Paul, I said protect me from what is going to be a modern day stoning from a certain portion of the tabloid media… and I don’t want a penny.” Mills said, “I still love Paul as the father of my daughter… I am not in love with Paul.” As for why she is finally speaking out about her divorce, she replied, “I’m trying not to bring him into it, but at the same time he’s not protecting me and my daughter.”

Mills admitted to having thoughts of suicide. She said, “I absolutely did consider suicide about a year ago. When you are holding [the truth] inside for the sake of someone you’ve loved, who is not speaking out and could clear your name, it’s like a volcano.” She went on to comment, “I spoke to Paul… he knew I was suicidal and still no protection.”

When asked about dating, Mills revealed, “I’ve remained single, but I have had a lot of people ask me out on dates… the kind of guys who ask me out on dates are not stupid enough to read tabloid media.” Mills has not had any serious relationships though, she added, “I would not want to put anybody in this situation now.”

Mills hopes that people will log onto www.youcare.com to sign a petition which declares that journalists should be accountable for the lies they print. Mills hopes to get enough signatures “to create a law that the size of the lie they write is the size of the apology they print.” She exclaimed, “If my life is endangered, then that little apology is not going to tell the public it’s not true.”

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