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Christie Brinkley Would Consider Plastic Surgery

Age-defying beauty Christie Brinkley is giving "Extra" an all-new interview, where no topic is off limits – even plastic surgery.

“Well, I haven’t yet. I would consider it," Christie admitted. Smiling, Christie touched her face and neck and shrugged, "I am that age where I go like this, I see how areas can be improved. But I don’t really want to do that.”

She continued, “Instead, I want to focus on just doing good things, trying to make the world a more beautiful place - instead of my neck a more beautiful place.”

As for dieting, Christie laughed, “Stewardesses on airplanes, when they get the ice cream and chocolate, they always skip me! They think I’m not going to take it. I’m like, excuse me, extra hot sauce!”

Instead of worrying so much about diet and exercise, Christie thinks that the secret to ultimate beauty is all in a smile.

“Science has proven me correct," the age-defying supermodel says. "When you put your lips in a smiling position it releases chemicals in your body that actually make you feel better.”