Oprah Comes Clean About Medical Condition

Oprah Winfrey announced she’s been battling a thyroid condition that has left her tired and overweight.

She told viewers yesterday on her show that she blew out her thyroid when the season wrapped up in May. The result? A mix of sleeplessness, sluggishness and uncontrollable weight gain.

“My body was turning on me,” she writes in the newest issue of O magazine.

She said she was first diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, which sped up her metabolism and left her “unable to sleep for days.”

Soon, the condition flip-flopped and turned into hypothyroidism, which slowed down her metabolism. She found herself sluggish and 20 pounds heavier, which she attributes to stress and overwork.

Now she’s speaking out about the condition, which affects millions of women. Oprah, 53, said she made the announcement to bring attention to women’s health issues.