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Bobby Brown Denies Having a Heart Attack

Was Bobby Brown near death yesterday after his heart attack scare?

That’s the shocking new report today that says the singer was hovering between life and death after suffering extreme chest pains.

But today Brown himself is speaking out, saying that not only has he recovered – but that he never even had heart trouble!

“None of it’s true,” he told the Associated Press. “I don't know where the heart attack thing came from – I'm just fine."

The 38-year-old “My Prerogative” singer was taken to Tarzana Regional Medical Center after suffering what his attorney called “extreme chest pains.” She later confirmed he had suffered a mild heart attack as the result of “stress and diet.”

But Brown is insisting that his hospital visit was just a routine checkup. “The doc gave me a clean bill of health,” he said.

He is slated to perform at this weekend’s V100 Taste of Soul concert in Los Angeles.