What Compelled O.J. Simpson to Write ‘If I Did It?’

The ghostwriter of O.J. Simpson’s disturbing “memoir,” “If I Did It,” is breaking his silence about why he helped write the book – and why Simpson wanted the story told.

Saying, “Sometimes the urge to confess is unconscious,” author and former journalist Pablo Fenjves explains in the second part of our exclusive interview why Simpson may have wanted to thrust himself back into the spotlight.

“There are several possibilities for why he wrote the book: one of them would be money, the other one would be attention, and the third would be confessing,” says Fenjves.

But why did Fenjves himself take on such a disturbing – and controversial – task?

“Maybe he does want to confess,” says Fenjves. “So for me, to be given the opportunity to sit in a room with a man I believe to be a double-murderer, and to be given an opportunity to listen to him confess, even if it was a rather bizarre version of a confession…as a journalist…it was too compelling to pass up.”

Watch the video to get the explosive and complete interview.