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Dayna: ‘In Just 28 Days, I Feel Better!’

So my last few runs went really well. I ran 45 minutes and felt great (I ran really slow though, a 90-year-old in a walker would have passed me). But, I still did it! I added in my strength training and for some reason the combination of both made me really S-O-R-E!!!! But I swear I feel like my body is changing (it is probably just wishful thinking but I think my legs look a bit more toned). Maybe it is just that I have been burning a few more calories, but I am happy. I want to thank Self Magazine for including me in this program, because on the days when I didn’t feel like working out, I would think about my commitment and I would get my lazy butt up and do it. In just 28 days, I feel better and I even think I might look a bit better!!!! Yay me!!! Yay Self Magazine!!!!

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