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Hot New Couples and Secret Confessions From the Emmys

“Extra” has all the exclusive Emmy moments you didn’t see on last night’s telecast!

Katherine Heigl had the red carpet buzzing when she showed up without fiancé Josh Kelley, but she told “Extra” he’s missing in action for a reason.

“He’s on tour,” Katherine told us. “He’s actually in Vegas…doing a show tonight. So, he couldn’t make it!”

America Ferrera also seemed to be flying solo at the ceremony – but “Extra” can reveal she took her boyfriend!

So where was he?

“He’s around,” she admitted. “He’s hiding from the cameras!”

When Jon Stewart came to “Extra” after the show, he was also missing something – the Emmy he just won!

“Oh my Good, I already sold it!” Jon joked.

Jon also revealed why he awarded the absent Ricky Gervais’ Emmy to buddy Steve Carell and proceeded to give him a giant bear hug.

“I knew Steve Carell was nominated and I saw that he was here, so I thought well jeez, shouldn’t the guy that’s here get it?” he laughed.

As for their on-stage antics, he said, “That was just a celebration of manhood. Very tribal!”

Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s fiancée, showed off her ring to “Extra” and opened up about their engagement.

“At first, I was blinded and then I was grateful,” she revealed.

Rick Fox revealed more about the explosive new plot on “Ugly Betty” to have him reunite with his real-life ex, Vanessa Williams.

“Pulling off a little recurring action, maybe even some make out scenes with the ex-wife,” he revealed. “I’m happy for her success. She’s done well!”

“The Sopranos” stunner Edie Falco also revealed a bombshell: she’ll guest-star on “30 Rock.”

“It’s really, really, really funny!” she insisted. “Like ‘Saturday Night Live’ funny. It’s going to be really great. I don’t ever get to do that kind of stuff!”

Helen Mirren revealed that she has a ritual for award shows. She admitted that she wore the same lucky shoes to this year’s ceremony as she wore last year!

“Can you believe I’m wearing the same shoes?” she giggled.

It worked – she took home an Emmy!

Sally Field told “Extra” she’s amused that her speech about the Iraq War was bleeped because of an expletive.

“It’s very cool," she said. "I’m on my way to being a star!”

The third time was a charm for James Spader, who beat out James Gandolfini for an Emmy. But he told “Extra” there was only one thing missing from his big night.

“I just wanted to wish my mother a Happy Birthday!” he admitted. “I wish I had remembered out there!”

New mom Marcia Cross told “Extra” that twin babies with husband Tom Mahoney isn’t stopping her from thinking about more.

“I'd love a couple of boys now,” she admitted.

Emmy nominee Ellen Pompeo spoke out about the feeling on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy” now that Isaiah Washington and Kate Walsh have moved on.

“The nature of series television, they have to keep things moving and changing so no one gets bored,” she said. “So, I think it's positive for everyone. When one door closes another one opens.”