The Police Take Over 'Extra' and Dish about Life on the Road

They’re older, wiser and hotter than ever – The Police are back in action, reuniting for a concert tour 23 years in the making!

And only “Extra” is with Sting, drummer Stewart Copeland and guitarist Andy Summers at a private showing of Andy’s classic Police photos in L.A., where they discuss life on the road – the second time around.

“Everything is different, but nothing has changed,” said Stewart.

“I think it’s like Mom and Dad getting back together again,” Sting added.

“It’s like riding a bike,” Andy insisted. “What was weird was the bit in between where we weren’t playing together.”

Sting decided to call up the band and reignite old flames in order to make music once again. It was a decision that’s now resulting in sold-out arenas!

“I was thinking, ‘What would I do to surprise people? What would I do to surprise myself?’ So I called the guys up they didn't believe it either,” Sting recalled.

But he managed to gather the boys, even though they risked those notorious clashes again.

“We navigate better than we used to,” Sting said. “You know, we used to be at each other’s throats.”

Twenty years later, things have definitely changed!

“We're all really fond of each other and have been ever since day one 30 years ago,” insisted Stewart. “We’re just opposite, and we groove on it.”

“We're a little more grounded,” Andy agreed. “We've all had children since then. I think having children is very grounding.”

“We have teenage children,” Stewart said. “And when you've raised teenage children, that makes it easier to deal with bass players.”

Twenty years and several kids later, Sting says things have changed a lot for him, too.

“I’m very shy,” Sting insisted.

Sting, shy? The same man who had women throwing panties at him for years? He can’t possibly get over that!

Added Sting, “Having panties thrown at me? No, I like it.”

Still a rock star!

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