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Gorgeous Stars Re-Write the Rules About Turning 50

Listen up, ladies: it's time to stop thinking beauty fades as you age!

Stars like Michelle Pfeiffer and Sharon Stone are head-turning, age-defying screen sirens - and they're redefining what it means to be 50.

Material Girl Madonna, who still performs during her mind-blowing tours, turns 50 next summer.

Fran Drescher is two months shy of 50, and she's not afraid to show off her rocking body!

Television actress Sela Ward added, "Turning 50 I guess is not so bad."

Stunning Angela Bassett turns 50 next summer, and she said getting older is "nothing to fear."

"It's about taking a stand. It's about confidence," she insisted. "It's about who you have become and being that completely and owning it."

Sharon Stone encouraged women to take a cue from Europe.

"Get on a plane and go to Europe, walk down the street two or three times," Sharon instructed. "And you'll feel great about yourself because European men have been raised to appreciate women in every stage of their lives."

Ellen Barkin sexes up the screen with a bunch of younger men in "Ocean's 13," and she's 53!

Of course, no one can forget the poster girl for everyone 50 and fabulous: Christie Brinkley.

"I'm just riding that tide of the baby boomers," said a mellow Christie about aging.

And she's got an outlook women can aspire to!

"We're all looking at each other going, 'Well you know, we don't look that bad for this age, you know?'" Christie said.

Fifty has never been finer!