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Leah Remini's Labor of Love

Leah Remini spent nine years delivering laughs for “The King of Queens” – now she’s laboring for her own new baby, a web series about moms and mayhem.

Leah and her husband Angelo welcomed little Sofia Bella to the world in 2004, and life hasn’t been the same since. But Remini said the best part of it is just “being called mom.”

“It’s looking into your own eyes and having her say, ‘Cuddle with me, Mom,’” Leah admitted.

Since leaving “Queens,” Leah is staying busy and making motherhood into a full-time job.

She just launched her own website, called “In the Motherhood.”

“You can’t be cancelled! I love that,” Leah laughed.

The website solicits funny-kid tales from other mothers, which Leah dramatizes in cyberspace vignettes.

Leah is even playing mother-figure to “Extra’s” own Terri Seymour, dishing out some advice on how to handle Terri’s famous boyfriend Simon Cowell.

“That’s the thing with Simon. You have to treat him like crap,” Leah insisted. “If you treat him like crap, you will have him wrapped around your finger!”