This 'Idol' Has a New Album, a New Figure and a New Outlook on Life!

Former “American Idol” contestant Kimberly Locke is riding high.

She’s got a new album, a new figure and a new outlook – and she’s telling all to “Extra!”

Kimberly became a Jenny Craig spokeswoman last year, determined to lose weight and get healthy.

“My goal with Jenny Craig is 40 pounds, so I’m so close I can taste it,” she revealed.

Kimberly said her new album, “Based on a True Story,” comes straight from her painful breakup with her fiancé last year.

“I got really nasty, and I don’t ever want to go through that again,” she admitted. “So I wrote about it.”

Kimberly also changed things up to get in shape. She appeared on VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club” and says she’s lost four to five dress sizes!

Meanwhile, the confident singer is not being shy about the tension on “Fit Club” between her and former “Saved By the Bell” geek Dustin Diamond.

Dustin poked fun of her not winning “American Idol,” and his comments got under her skin.

“Had he come up to me and said, ‘Don’t take it personally,’ that’s a different story,” she said. “But don’t make me the butt of your jokes.”

But don’t feel bad for Kimberly. She’s not nursing a broken heart!

“I’m already dating honey,” she quipped. “I didn’t stop!”