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The Secret to Getting Bigger and Better Lashes

Listen up, ladies! “Extra” is putting some miracle makeup to the test to see how you can get those Hollywood lashes.

Revitalash is the newest craze creating big buzz in Tinseltown, and it promises to give you longer, thicker and darker eyelashes in just 60 days.

Veronica Barton-Schwartz of Veronica Skin and Body Care in Malibu swears by it.

“Revitalash is a vitamin B, a conditioner and something called Lash Grow, which is a secret, secret formula,” she explained.

The bad news? It could cost you!

Just one tube is $150, but the good news is the results last for about five months.

So with all the hype around it, “Extra’s” Dayna Devon decided to put this so-called “miracle” to the test. She had Veronica explain how to apply the stuff, then put it on every night for 60 days.

“I have no lashes to begin with,” Dayna said. “My makeup artist actually laughed at me the first time he saw my lashes.”

But after applying Revitalash to her upper and lower lash lines – just like eyeliner – for nearly two months, Dayna had a whole new set of luscious lashes.

“I can’t believe it, but it worked,” she said.

And her makeup artist isn’t laughing anymore!

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