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Get Your Coffee Fix and Lose Wrinkles at the Same Time!

Everyone knows that nothing gets you going in the morning like a good cup of coffee.

But did you know that your morning jolt could erase years off your face?

L.A. dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu is breaking news to "Extra" about coffeeberry - a powerful antioxidant found in the fruit of the coffee plant.

The secret ingredient is the new Revalé skin care products!

"You can see results as soon as three weeks," Dr. Wu explained.

"Revalé Skin is going to be Hollywood's must have skin care accessory of the season," Dr. Wu divulged. "I have a secret waiting list of Hollywood celebrities who are waiting for Revalé Skin!"

The three-step Skin Care system comes out next week and promises big results.

The product can smooth fine lines and wrinkles, fade brown spots and give your skin a smoother, younger tone!

But nobody said beauty was cheap.

It'll cost you $230 - and Dr. Wu has this warning!

"Don't go home and smear coffee grinds all over your face because that'll do nothing other than clog your pores!" she advised.

That would have been just too easy!