Michael Jackson Staging a Comeback?

We’ve got the dish on Michael Jackson’s new “American Idol” connection! Is the King of Pop talking to “A.I.” creator Simon Fuller about a comeback?

Yes! Robin Leach, who nabbed the exclusive interview with Michael Jackson, told our Carlos Diaz that the pair met in Vegas.

“There are issues with the casinos and licensing, which would probably make that very difficult,” Leach said of a Jacko comeback. “Unless Michael Jackson’s show was placed away form a casino. Vegas is the perfect place to map a show to take across the world.”

Leach added, “He [Michael] feels so comfortable here. He says he’s not hassled here. He loves the great food, great restaurants. He’s not in hiding when he goes out. He has his bodyguards, nannies, but he’s sort of fitting into the community already. He’s very posted relaxed, very, very happy.”