Star Secrets to Dressing for Your Body Type

“Extra” is revealing why size doesn’t matter when you want to look like a star. In his new book, “The Science of Sexy,” fashion designer to the stars Bradley Bayou explains why it’s all about figuring out your body type. Now, we’re sharing some of his tips with you!

For the Hourglass Girl:

Example: Jessica Simpson

Solution: A cinching wrap number

What Bradley says: “It’s really about defining the waist with an hourglass.”

For the Triangle Girl:

Example: Jennifer Lopez

Solution: Don't bring attention to your bottom. Instead, try balancing your booty with a blazer.

What Bradley says: “You now have shoulders and a defined waist.”

For the Inverted Triangle Girl:

Example: Nicollette Sheridan

Solution: Avoid skinny jeans and choose something that gives your body a little curve

For the Boxy Girl:

Solution: Layer

What Bradley says: “The belt is a great accessory.”