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Star Beauty Secrets: The Eyelash Transplant

How much would you pay to get J Lo’s fabulous, lush lashes?

Well, just $6,000 will buy them for you, thanks to the latest craze in cosmetic surgery: the eyelash transplant.

Aleve, a 30-year-old marketing manager in Los Angeles, is about to undergo the cutting edge procedure from hair restoration expert, Dr. Alan Bauman.

As “Extra’s” cameras were rolling, Aleve confessed the pain was worth saying goodbye to fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions forever!

“I wanted to have something that’s a bit more permanent, and that I wouldn't need to refill every two weeks,” she admitted.

Dr. Bauman completed the procedure by transplanting Aleve’s own hair follicles into her eyelash area.

And the before and after shots are amazing!

Erica Lynn also had the procedure done, and she told us the benefits: “More confidence comes with it, you just feel prettier.”

So who is the right candidate for the procedure?

“If you have thin, short, weak, sparse lashes,” the doc explained.

The procedure takes two and a half hours and costs $3,000 an eye.

Aleve will continue to keep her ever growing eyelashes trimmed, but that is the price you pay for those flirty and fabulous lashes, the new frontier in cosmetic surgery!

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