The Countdown to 'American Idol' Is On!

In less than three weeks, the new season of "American Idol" will hit the airwaves, and more than 100,000 young hopefuls have auditioned for a chance of stardom in cities across the country.

But Simon Cowell was hedging his bets when "Extra's" Terri Seymour caught up with Mr. Mean on a night out on the town with Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest.

"A boy or a girl will win this year," Simon joked.

About the only secret Simon was giving up was that Olivia Newton-John will be one of several famous guest judges on the show this season, and Cowell gave Olivia high marks for her judging prowess during auditions.

"Yeah, she was good," he insisted.

Fellow Judge Randy Jackson seconded that emotion, telling us, "She honestly loved us too."

But Simon dismissed rumors that Olivia may become a regular fixture on the show, insisting, "She's too good."

"At least he's being honest, America," Ryan added.

Simon may have some other stiff competition, though. Reports claim "American Idol" may go head to head with ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

But Mr. Mean isn't worried. "That's going to be interesting," he said. "Because I think we haven't had any competition. Now we've got some competition. I think it makes you work hard. I like it."

See what happens when season six of "American Idol" begins January 16th and 17th.