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Pam Anderson: 'I'm Doing Great'

In a revealing top, killer heels and short shorts, a glowing Pam Anderson made her first public appearance in Los Angeles Thursday night since announcing her breakup from Kid Rock.

Pam went on the record, only with "Extra," about the split.

"I'm doing great, everything is good," she shared. "I actually feel better now than I did two weeks ago."

We caught up with Pam at the Arby's Action Sports Awards in Burbank, where the "Baywatch" babe told "Extra" that her ex, Tommy Lee, has been very supportive.

Pam revealed, "He asked me, 'Is it true that you are getting divorced? And if it's true, what are you doing later?'"

Also hitting the town on Thursday night was Britney Spears and her new BFF Paris Hilton.

We spotted Brit partying at hot club Area.

But she wasn't the only Mouseketeer ready to get down on the dance floor once inside. "Extra" spotted Britney's one-time boyfriend Justin Timberlake there as well.

However, don't expect a Britney-JT reunion; Ms. Spears left holding hands with an unidentified mystery man.

Across town, "Extra" caught up with "Dancing" darling Willa Ford in Hollywood, where the sexy singer had some exciting news to share.

"I'm engaged," she gushed to us.

But is the dazzling sparkler from her "Dancing with the Stars" partner Max?

"Everybody thought it was going to be Max; Max is a great friend," she said. Instead, the lucky guy is a Dallas Star's hockey player.

"It's a man named Mike Rodnna, and he is my world," Willa said.

Willa also had some couple's news gossip for us, as she opened up about "Dancing with the Stars" hottie Mario Lopez and his partner Karina.

"I think they are dating," she said. "I'm pretty sure they're dating, you heard it here!"

While Young Hollywood made their nightly party rounds, "Extra" spotted Tom, Katie and Suri Cruise as the family left Maldives, where they've been enjoying newlywed bliss together since their extravagant Italian wedding.

Once the Cruise clan returns stateside, the buzz bouncing around Hollywood is that there could be another wedding celebration in Los Angeles for their star pals who couldn't make it to Rome. Now that's truly la vita bella!