Take Years Off Your Face with Four Easy-To-Do Steps

You don't need to undergo painful cosmetic surgery to turn back the hands of time, "Extra" enlisted the help of celebrity makeup artist Trish McEvoy for some tips to looking younger in minutes.

"The wrong makeup can make you look older instantly," she insisted.

Heavy eye makeup, dark foundation, opaque lips and too much blush can make you easily age, so if you want take 10 years off of your face, follow these four simple steps:

1. Even out your skin tone and conceal.

2. Define the lashes with eyeliner on your lash line and mascara.

"Just a little definition makes you five years younger," Trish insisted.

3. Add a little color to the cheeks.

"It doesn't take very much," Trish explained.

4. Stick to sheer color on the lips: "Keep it the same tone as your lips."

Using these tips, you can go from far too much to fresh faced and younger looking. All it takes is a little makeup done the right way!