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Is There Trouble in ‘Bachelor' Paradise for Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell?

Is There Trouble in ‘Bachelor' Paradise for Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell?

Though “The Bachelor” couple Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell just got engaged, could they already be on the rocks?

A source told Life & Style, “Their relationship is extremely tense right now.”

One big reason that is apparently causing some issues is Ben’s confession that he loved JoJo Fletcher on “The Bachelor.” The source added, “Lauren tries not to think about it, but she’s traumatized that Ben told another girl he loved her.”

The couple are supposedly unable to hide the tension in their relationship. The insider said, "Everyone around them can feel the awkwardness. It’s unclear if they’ll last. Things between them are getting worse."

Bushnell is reportedly moving in to Higgins’ home in Denver. One of Lauren’s friends shared, "It's his place, not theirs. If he doesn't make it feel like home for her, they won't make it."

Lauren recently spent Easter weekend with Ben in Denver and recorded a part of their date on Snapchat. During the date, Higgins got stuck in an elevator while trying to grab the car. After he got some help from a firefighter, Ben said while Lauren giggled in the background, "Date night one. I'm okay. Got stuck in an elevator on floor 2 in a parking garage."