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Bernie Sanders Joins Host Larry David in 'SNL' Titanic Spoof

Bernie Sanders Joins Host Larry David in 'SNL' Titanic Spoof
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders joined host Larry David in a Titanic-themed sketch on "Saturday Night Live" last night, winning over the audience with a parody of his stump speech about the 1%.

With David playing a crew member complaining about women and children being saved first, and declaring his wealth should qualify him to be saved, outraged immigrant Sanders emerged to argue in favor of the working class, define Democratic Socialism, and joke that his family would change their original surname to make it sound less Jewish.

Sanders also appeared later in the show, helping David intro musical guest The 1975 and briefly doing his impression of David's signature "pret-ty, pret-ty" line, in reference to his own pretty, pretty good chances of winning this week's New Hampshire Democratic primary.

The show also featured a hilarious pre-taped skit called "Bern Your Enthusiasm," in which David, as Sanders, alienated a handful of Iowa voters, leading to Sanders' real-life narrow loss to Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucus.

The show had some non-Bernie Sanders surprises in store, too: Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson appeared as their "Zoolander 2" characters.