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How Doctors Are Trying to Save Lamar Odom, and the Latest on His Condition

How Doctors Are Trying to Save Lamar Odom, and the Latest on His Condition

UPDATE: According to a new report from RadarOnline.com, Lamar Odom has been declared brain-dead. Read the full story here.

Mixed reports have surfaced about Lamar Odom’s condition, but it remains clear that his health is still critical.

The basketball star was found unconscious at the Love Ranch brothel in Crystal, Nevada on Tuesday. He remains unresponsive at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.

Sources at the New York Daily News say that Lamar is in a medically induced coma, and that he has undergone kidney dialysis treatment.

"They were worried about his kidneys," the insider said on Wednesday. "They were failing today, but they gave him dialysis. His doctors think he could be OK. He is still critical, in ICU. So, anything can happen."

The paper says the kidney failure could be due to drug use. He reportedly took eight to 10 herbal Viagra pills called Reload and cocaine while at the Love Ranch.

The source said it could take weeks or months before doctors know the extent of his kidney damage.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Odom’s condition has deteriorated, and that four organs, including his kidneys, are failing, and doctors told the family that the longer he remains in his present condition the less likely it is he will recover.

The family did have one glimmer of hope on Wednesday when Lamar squeezed his estranged wife Khloé Kardashian’s hand, however, it may have been an involuntary movement.

As of Thursday morning, TMZ says there haven’t been any real signs of improvement.

The Daily News and TMZ both report that doctors are giving him a 50/50 chance of survival.