June Squibb: A Pole Dancer?

Actress June Squibb joined “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood, talking about working with Bruce Dern in “Nebraska,” and how he teased her “all the time.”

Squibb, who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her turn as Dern’s feisty, outspoken wife in the Alexander Payne dramedy, said she had a ball working with Dern. “Bruce is heaven. He’s got a wicked sense of humor, and he teases me all the time.”
She continued, “We were at a screening one night and people were coming up to me saying, ‘I heard you were a pole dancer.’ I said, ‘I was never a pole dancer.’

Mario joked, “Are you sure, June?” Squibb smiled, “I’ve done a lot of things, but not pole dancing… I asked, ‘Who told you that?’ They said Bruce, so I went over and said, ‘Bruce, why are you telling people I'm a pole dancer?’ and he said, ‘You were a stripper in ‘Gypsy’ on Broadway, what's the difference?’”
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