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Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech: The Secret Signals Revealed

Former President Bill Clinton gave a powerhouse speech at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, sending a clear message to support President Barack Obama.

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with body language expert Janine Driver to discuss some of the signals Clinton incorporated in his speech.

“He's a master communicator,” Driver said. “When he talked about himself and Obama, he [held up two fingers], as if to say we are one. When you're voting for Obama, you're voting for all of us.”
Driver continued, “When he talked about what the Republicans did in Tampa, Clinton showed a big zero. These are called illustrators. He's sending a message to the people at home that the Republicans are worth nothing.”
On Clinton’s comments about wife Hilary, Driver explained, “When Clinton was talking about Hilary and how Barack Obama appointed her the Secretary of State, he's standing in what's called the Christ pose. It sends the message at home, we're your saviors.”
Finally, as President Obama came on stage after Clinton’s speech, he gave his predecessor a few pats on the back. Driver said, “He's letting us know he's going to be the president. This is the former president, and you did a good job, but I'm the boss now.”