Trey Songz Wants a Duet with Beyoncé

Hip-hop singer Trey Songz stopped by The Grove to talk with "Extra's" Mario Lopez about his "Passion, Pain and Pleasure" album -- and possibly working with Beyoncé on a power ballad.

"I want that powerful duet," Songz explained. "A big ballad kind of like the Usher, Alicia Keys 'My Boo.' I reached out to Beyoncé. Of course, I asked Jay-Z if that was okay to see what we can do."

About his album's title, Songz said, "I'm very passionate about what it is that I do. There's pain within the sacrifice made to do what I do... the pleasure is living the dream. I wanted to put in all in music."

Anyone special in his life right now? "Well, I'm single right now. It's definitely hard at this point to maintain something real and to make sure because women need attention, women need to know that they are loved and need to be shown that. And right now going city to city and being so focused on my career, I don't want to put a woman through that right now."

Songz does enjoy a little downtime, though. "I'm a simple man, Mario. I like to bowl, I like to play Xbox. I like to do just the simple things, spend time with my family. I got two younger brothers and a big family. I like to enjoy the normalcy of life."