Blog Two of Betty Petitt's 'Extra Lean' Challenge

Greetings from Blue Team member Betty Petitt!

The first week on the diet was hard. I used every snack available. I think the big adjustment was just getting used to smaller portions and bypassing the freezer case with frozen dinners at the supermarket.

extra lean

Well here we are are mid-week. I dropped 1/2 pound this morning. Amazing since I last night, I got totally depressed by someone who wanted to talk for an hour and a half about a mutual friend who had died. I ate three brown rice cakes piled with olive tapenade. It's a wonder I didn't wake up this morning with a pimento sticking out of my head.

Dear Blue Team, I promise not to go off the wagon again. The "Extra Lean" breaded chicken cutlet recipe is really good and came out just like the picture, once I discovered that breadcrumbs were not in the bread aisle but in the baking aisle.